Timeline Project

Since mid-July and throughout this summer the results of this past semester's Timeline Project Course are on exhibition on the walls of the institute's main staircase. The idea for this course was born from the feeling that during an English studies degree students are likely to compile many islands of knowledge, but it is sometimes hard to get a thorough overview and an understanding of larger social and historical contexts. In the course, we discussed the complexities of canon formation and literary historiography and then set out to create our own timeline. The course was partially held as e-learning course online, with an emphasis on individual research and peer review. Our timeline does not aim at completeness; it was built from the expertise and interests that the participants had assembled in the course of their studies. The outcome is therefore likely to echo the focus in teaching at our department. Apart from our little exhibition in the building, we hope to be able to put the timeline online in a more easily accessible version.

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