Call for Papers: Heidelberg Graduate Students Conference

The fourth Heidelberg Graduate Students Conference in English Studies will take place June 10-11 (in person with a hybrid option). The panel organizers are now accepting abstract submissions for individual presentations -- everyone is welcome to apply. The deadline for paper proposals is May 9, 2022. Descriptions of all panels and contact details for the respective panel organizers can be found in this call for papers.

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New Tutorials for BA Students: “How We Study”

The last two years have been pretty hard for students because of the Corona pandemic, most of all for BA students and beginners. Students have had much less of a social life or contact with others, as well as significantly fewer opportunities to learn some of the elementary things necessary for their studies.

Therefore, starting from May 9, the Seminar is offering a batch of tutorials to help students to make up for the opportunities that were lost. In each of these tutorials, one tutor shall work with up to 10 students.

These tutorials are intended to lend you a helping hand in any area where you feel the need – from daily life in lectures, seminars, and in Heidelberg to dealing with examination stress, anxiety of speaking in public, and the planning and writing of term papers.

Most of all, the tutorials are supposed to be a relaxed setting where you can talk freely both with each other and the tutors, have a good time while getting to know your opportunities and possibilities better, and learn to enjoy your life as a student more.

Each tutorial is 8 hours long, that is, 2 hours per week over 4 weeks. The first set of tutorials starts in the week beginning on May 9 and ends at the beginning of June, and then there will be two additional sets of tutorials in June and July. There is no compulsory attendance, that is, you can drop in and out freely, but to help us coordinate, please send an email to the tutor of your choice.

We were able to win eight wonderful tutors for the job, and here are their names and the rooms and dates of their tutorials:

With best regards –

Max Cannings ( & Michael Schiffmann (

New Schauspielgruppe Production: Seed, by Elisabeth Easther


The contemporary dramedy Seed deals with four women's struggle with the prospects of motherhood. We experience the joy of pregancy, the frustration of failed attempts or the emotional weight of unwanted pregnancy. New Zealand author Elisabeth Easther manages to unpack four moving stories and interlace it with moments of comedic pleasure.

Performance dates: May 13-15 & 19-21, 8pm, Theater im Romanischen Keller
Tickets: 10/8€

For further information, please visit our website.

Staatsexamen: Verlängerung der Übergangsfrist

Wichtig! Verlängerung der Übergangsfrist für Staatsexamen bis 2024!

Das Ministerium gibt bekannt, dass die Übergangsfrist für Staatsexamina nach GymPO pauschal bis zum 31. Juli 2024, für Fächerkombinationen mit Bildender Kunst oder Musik bis zum 31. Juli 2025, verlängert wurde. Gleichzeitig wird darauf hingewiesen, dass nach den genannten Terminen grundsätzlich keine Prüfungen mehr nach GymPO abgenommen werden dürfen, Wiederholungsprüfungen oder wg. Krankheit nicht angetretene Prüfungen eingeschlossen. Für Nachzügler gilt deshalb die Empfehlung, sich spätestens zur Frühjahrsprüfung 2023 (bzw. 2024) für beide Fächer anzumelden.

Bescheinigung über fehlende LP — Anmeldung zum Staatsexamen

Studierende der Anglistik können die “Bescheinigung über fehlende Leistungspunkte” zur Anmeldung zum Staatsexamen am Gemeinsamen Prüfungsamt von Ihrem SignUp-Konto aus beantragen (unter dem Reiter 'Anträge'). Die Bescheinigung wird dann zeitnah an der Bibliotheksaufsicht hinterlegt

Den FachstudienberaterInnen steht in den Sprechstunden umso mehr Zeit für Belange der Studierenden zur Verfügung, wenn derlei Formalitäten bereits zuvor erledigt sind.


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