A Reading

As part of the third Literaturherbst, organised by the town of Heidelberg, members of the Creative Writing Group of our department have been invited to read from their recently published collection of short stories and poems "A Tale of Four Cities" a collection from four UNESCO Cities of Literature.

The reading will take place at 4p.m. on Saturday 23rd September in the library of the DAI. It will last about an hour and is free of charge. All welcome.

“Apologeten des Wachstums"

Eine außerordentliche Werksbesichtigung. Videoinstallationen. Eröffnung mit dem Anglistenchor Heidelberg (Anmeldung: Tel. 0621/444736 und info@gerdreutter.de)

Samstag, 30.9.2017, 14:30, 15:30 und 16:30 Uhr, Müllheizkraftwerk Ludwigshafen, BGM, Grünzweig-Str. 87, Ludwigshafen

BLACK COMEDY by Peter Shaffer

The Schauspielgruppe des Anglistischen Seminars e.V. presents
BLACK COMEDY by Peter Shaffer

Brindsley, a young sculptor, is finally about to make some money with his art, when suddenly electricity fails and all goes black. But with the arrival of a monster father, a hysterical neighbour, and a mischievous mistress, the darkness turns out to have its bright sides as well.

7, 8, 11, 12, 13, and 14 October, 2017

Theater im Romanischen Keller, Seminarstraße 3, Heidelberg
Start: 8 pm
Tickets: 7 Euro
Performed in English. Directed by Annemieke Drummen.

Reserve your tickets now via black.comedy.ssg@gmail.com or ssg-as-heidelberg.de.

Freshers' Day

All new BA students are invited (and strongly urged) to attend our day-long orientation programme on Wednesday, 11th October, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The programme is designed to help new students get their academic career in English Studies off to a good start. In small group sessions led by advanced students, new students will be advised on questions how to put together a manageable schedule, how to register online, or how to use the library. In the afternoon lecturers and staff will present our programme of study, advising system, opportunities to study abroad, and services available in the department.

The day concludes with a pizza party hosted by the Fachschaft.


Website: A-Z list

The website of the English Studies Department offers a lot more than just an overview of its programs and requirements. The A-Z list (on the bottom right of each page) gives you quick access to essential information on everything from A as in "Application" to Z as in "Zulassung," including direct links to relevant websites and entries in the Student Handbook. Can't find the term you were looking for? Send us your suggestions at abisz@as.uni-heidelberg.de.

Bescheinigung über fehlende LP — Anmeldung zum Staatsexamen

Studierende der Anglistik können die “Bescheinigung über fehlende Leistungspunkte” zur Anmeldung zum Staatsexamen am Gemeinsamen Prüfungsamt von Ihrem SignUp-Konto aus beantragen (unter dem Reiter 'Anträge'). Die Bescheinigung wird zeitnah in einem verschlossenen Umschlag an der Bibliotheksaufsicht hinterlegt und ersetzt das vom Gemeinsamen Prüfungsamt vorgeschlagene Formular (im Fach Anglistik).

Den FachstudienberaterInnen steht in den Sprechstunden umso mehr Zeit für Belange der Studierenden zur Verfügung, wenn derlei Formalitäten bereits zuvor erledigt sind.

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