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call for papers

Rethinking Us, Rethinking Earth: Exploring the Human in a Changing World

For this issue, we are looking for contributions from linguistics and literary studies that focus on current debates surrounding the human position in contemporary culture. The submissions should focus on ideologies, boundaries, and structures that have increasingly proved to be unstable and insufficient in the 21st century. Knowledge, technology, and reality are evolving, the human (self-)experience is changing, and the planet is facing an environmental crisis. In a time like this, we are challenged to reconsider the human condition and transgress boundaries that have been established in the past.

We welcome papers that discuss human relationships with and are affected by nature, the environment, other humans, and new technologies. If you have written a term paper that fits into any of these categories, or if you are interested in writing an article for this issue of the e-journal, feel free to contact us for further details, prerequisites, and specific formalities.

Deadline for submissions: 01/05/2020