Contributions to the
Study of Language,
Literature and Culture
Special Issues
Beiträge zur Sprach-,
Literatur- und
Arbeitsblätter des Anglistischen Seminars Heidelberg
ISSN 000000

Volume 2009:1
edited by Frank Polzenhagen & Daniel Williams

Lena Endres
Doom and Salvation in Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness"
pp. 1-22

Stefan Petri
Geräusche und Gefühle in Emily Dickinsons "I felt a Funeral in my Brain"
pp. 23-32

Ricarda Wagner
"Your left is my north": Spatial Representation across Languages
pp. 33-50

Svenja Habermann
Americanisms and the t-Flap in New Zealand English: A Common Feature?
pp. 51-66

Barbara Wilhelm
The History of Slavery and its Significance in the Emergence of African American Vernacular English
pp. 67-82

Kai Egner
The Acquisition of Phonology
pp. 83-96

Frauke Sonnentag
Language Acquisition in the Womb (available soon)
pp. 97-111