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Although the Department of English Studies is one of Heidelberg’s largest, we are proud of the inspiring intellectual atmosphere, the wide range of extra-curricular activities and - last but not least - the fun we have together at various departmental events that foster our strong sense of community.

Even before they attend their first class, new students are welcomed to the department in a day-long orientation program designed to equip them with all the information they need to get off to a good start. In addition to meeting departmental faculty and staff, new students have ample opportunity to interact with current students and acquaint themselves with the ins and outs of studying English in Heidelberg. A few days later, current students invite their new colleagues to explore the area around the department - the old part of Heidelberg - by taking part in the traditional Pub Crawl. The departmental student council also organizes a weekend retreat for new students to share experiences and get to know each other better.

Our team of experienced advisors is there to help students at every stage of their academic careers. Advisors offer general assistance as well as individual advice and do their best to help every student make the most of what the department has to offer. In particular, our study abroad advisors can offer invaluable advice about available programs and scholarship opportunities. Faculty members organize information sessions and exam preparation courses for students in their final semesters of study. The department encourages close cooperation between students and instructors as well; ombudspeople are available to resolve minor conflicts and the student council has a standing seat at the semi-monthly departmental meeting, in which everything pertaining to the running of the institute, from revisions to the exam schedule to proposed building renovations, is discussed. A variety of student groups offer possibilities to pursue individual interests and engage English Studies from different perspectives.

Studying English in Heidelberg requires diligence and hard work but also offers ample opportunity for intellectual stimulation and social interaction. In addition to the regular course offerings, the department hosts numerous guest lectures, conferences, project presentations and excursions. A variety of social events balance these out. Students dance up a storm at the Anglo Party, open to the entire university community, while the Garden Party that closes each summer term is more of a family event, with a barbecue and student-faculty football game. Faculty and staff begin each new semester with a Sherry Party and we all celebrate the end of the year at the traditional Christmas Party, complete with sketches, stand-up comedy, musical performances and merriment lasting well into the wee hours.

After successfully completing their examinations, graduating students are invited to attend our commencement ceremony in the Great Hall (Alte Aula), Heidelberg University's magnificent historic auditorium. We celebrate their achievements with choir music, speeches (like this speech held by Prof. Barrett in January 2015) and - naturally - champagne as they set off on their new career paths or continue their studies to earn a Master’s degree or a doctorate.

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