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ERASMUS exchange year 2014/2015

Bewerbungsschluss für einen Erasmus-Platz ist der 11.12.13. Die vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen (application form, academic transcript, reference questionnaire) gebt ihr bitte bei der Bibliotheksaufsicht ab. Die Bewerbungsunterlagen findet ihr unter Downloads und im Erasmus-Ordner in der Bibliothek.

University of Surrey

Leider hat die University of Surrey kurzfristig ihr Kontingent an Erasmus-Plätzen gekürzt. Es stehen für Erasmus 2014/15 daher nur 2 Plätze à 10 Monate zur Verfügung. Jedoch gibt es zusätzlich die Möglichkeit, sich als Language Assistant zu bewerben. Bei Interesse für diese Stelle, bitte per E-mail bei den Erasmus assistants melden!

General information


The places are advertised in September; there is a general information meeting at the beginning of term; the deadline for applications is mid-December; and selection takes place in January-February so that students are informed by the end of the winter semester whether or not they have been given a place.


Students do not have to pay tuition fees while studying abroad (neither the semestral € 500 for Heidelberg nor at the cooperating ERASMUS university), and there is a small grant of € 170 per month (in the ERASMUS year 2009/2010). Not all host universities guarantee accommodation, but most of them offer at least help with finding some. In all cases this has to be paid for.

Universities our department exchanges with

Here you can find a list of all the universities our department exchanges with.

Exchange universities - semester dates

Semester/Term Dates of our Exchange Universities (pdf)

Where to obtain further information?

  • Always check the study abroad section of the notice board!
  • Anyone with specific questions about the Erasmus programme can always come and see me in my Sprechstunde. For general questions see the Erasmus file (Handapparat of the library) and the home page of the university and the home page of the university you are interested in (list of websites: see notice board, Erasmus file or the section Universities our department exchanges with here on the Erasmus home page).
  • In addition, there is a good description of the Erasmus programme on the following site of the AAA:
  • Student Reports and picture galleries (see below)

Frequently Asked Questions

Die komplette FAQ-Liste findet ihr hier.


  • Application form (pdf)
  • Academic Transcript (for applications and Host University) (pdf)
  • Umrechnungshilfe ECTS Credits (pdf)
  • Reference Questionnaire (pdf)
  • Handout: Information for Outgoings (I) (pdf)
  • Handout: Information for Outgoings (II) (pdf)
  • Handout: Information for Outgoings (II - Formulare und Co.) (pdf)
  • Info über Kurswahl an Partnerunis (pdf)
  • FAQs (pdf)
  • weitere Downloads finden sich auf Seiten des Akademischen Auslandsamts

Reports and pictures

Student reports Pictures

Anglistisches Seminar
Contact and Advice
Bruce Gaston

ERASMUS Departmental Coordinator

Anglistisches Seminar
Kettengasse 12
69117 Heidelberg
Room 313
Tel.: 06221/54 28 33
office hour: Tue 11.30-12.30

Melanie Köhres und Lena Mutschler

(ERASMUS assistants)

Room 313
Tel.: 06221/54 28 33
Fax: 06221/54 28 77
office hour: Tue 15.00-16.30

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