The Student Handbook for English Studies


Our Student Handbook is designed to help you find your way around the English department. It provides you with a guide to what English Studies here offers you and what we aim to help you to achieve. The Handbook answers questions on all aspects of English Studies, providing you with in-depth information to take you through from your first lecture to your final exam and on to graduation.

New students in particular may find it a challenge to plan a course schedule. Consult this handbook for all the information you need on:

  • the degree course that is right for you;
  • differences between the various types of classes, lectures and seminars;
  • what credits need to be completed when; and
  • putting together a workable timetable.

Typically, other questions arise later in your studies. The Handbook also covers areas such as:

  • going abroad;
  • term papers; and
  • examination procedures.

The Handbook tells you all you need to know about these and many other issues.

How to use the Handbook

Search the Handbook selectively if you need the answers to specific questions: and/or read it from beginning to end to get a general idea of what the Department offers and what is required of you in the course of your English degree.

Where to get your copy

The Student Handbook is issued annually at the beginning of the winter term. Here are the current (October 2018) versions:

Online version

There is also an online version of the Student Handbook: this is the version to consult for the latest updates.

How to use the online version:

Use the list of contents on the left to highlight individual chapters. Scroll through the pages by clicking on the symbols ">>" and "<<".

The sub-sections of the chapter you have highlighted are displayed beneath the list of contents.

Use the search function to search for specific terms (e.g. BAföG). The advanced search function will show you any changes made to the text since the publication of the latest print version.

The history function allows you to track all the updates made and compare older versions with more recent ones.

And finally:

We want the Handbook to be as informative and easy to use as possible. Please make use of the comment function if you have suggestions for improvements to any of the chapters.

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