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Introducing ERASMUS+

One of the best experiences for any language student at university is to spend a year abroad. You can discover a new country, improve your language skills and discover studying in a whole new way all while having the time of your life. ERASMUS+ offers you a wide array of partner departments to study at all across the UK and the rest of Europe. Not only will you be allowed to take classes at said department (in some cases even university wide) but you will also receive a partial scholarship to make living in a different country less of a financial challenge. Have a look at the information below, pick your dream university, and apply.

Application and Deadline

Your application should contain the filled in application form, a reference by a lecturer, and a list of all courses you attended and are currently attending (see “downloads”). The application deadline for the following academic year (incl. one semester applications) is the 16th of December 12pm (midday); this only applies for 2020. You will be informed whether you received a place by the end of January. “Fachfremde” apply in February via email. For current deadlines, please check the document “List of Partners”.

General information


  • We organise an info meeting at the beginning of the winter semester for anyone who is interested in going abroad with Erasmus+. The date and time are announced on Aktuelles on the website.
  • The places for the following academic year are advertised in November.
  • The deadline for applications is announced at the meeting and will also be on Aktuelles.
  • After the deadline, applicants have a couple of weeks in which they can change places (to avoid overcrowded universities and interviews).
  • Selection and, if necessary, interviews take place in January so that students are informed by the end of the winter semester whether or not they have been given a place.


  • Students do not have to pay tuition fees at Heidelberg or the cooperating university while studying abroad. However, they have to pay the Semesterbeitrag.
  • There is a grant of about €250-500 per month (as of 2015/16; grant may vary each academic year, depending on which country you apply to). The grant is to make up for higher living expenses in your host country; it is not a full scholarschip.
  • Students with children or disabilities may receive further funding from the Erasmus+-programme. If this applies to you please contact Akademisches Auslandsamt (Seminarstr. 2) for further information.
  • You are allowed to combine ERASMUS+ with other scholarships such as Auslandsbafög.
  • Most host universities do not guarantee accommodation, but many of them offer at least help with finding some. In all cases this has to be paid for by you.

Exchange partners

  • We exchange with English, German, and Modern Languages Departments in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. You can find a list of all our exchange partners below at ‘Downloads.
  • Please be aware that some partners may have special requirements (such as language tests).

Exchange semester dates

  • Please keep in mind that most British universities have trimesters/terms, not semesters. Their academic year usually lasts from September to June with a short break around Christmas and Easter and an exam period in May/June.
  • We and our partners strongly advise you to go for a full academic year, though some of them do take students for one term or one semester.

Where to obtain further information?

  • You can find all info sheets and application forms in the departmental library’s ERASMUS+ folder (in the copy room) or at the bottom of this page at ‘Downloads
  • Student reports can also be found below at ‘Downloads’. There are some examples in our library folder, where the password can be found.
  • Always check our door (AS 313), the notice board, and ‘Aktuelles’.
  • Anyone with specific questions about the ERASMUS+ programme can always come and see the Hiwis or Bruce Gaston in their respective office hours (no signing up required).
  • Akademisches Auslandsamt’ is in charge of the grant and some other aspects.


You can also find all copy templates in the ERASMUS+ folder in the Departmental Library’s copy room.

Information for Applicants


  • Application Form (pdf)
  • List of Courses Attended and Currently (pdf)
  • Reference Questionnaire (pdf)
  • Datenschutzordnung(pdf)

Information for Outgoings

  • Handout I: Annahmeerklärung, Gastuni-Application und Brexit (pdf)
  • Handout II: Zuschuss, Beurlaubung, Erfahrungsbericht (pdf)
  • Handout III: Fristen für Formulare (pdf)
  • Auslandsbafög (pdf)

Forms for Outgoings

  • Beurlaubung (pdf)
  • Learning Agreement for Studies (pdf)

*= In case you have trouble with filling in the forms, download/update Adobe Reader (free!). If this doesn’t help, find versions that can be filled in by hand in the ERASMUS+ folder in the library.

Student Reports

Some reports are password protected. You can find the password in our ERASMUS+ folder in the library.

Anglistisches Seminar
Contact and Advice
Bruce Gaston

ERASMUS Departmental Coordinator

Anglistisches Seminar
Kettengasse 12
69117 Heidelberg
Room 313
Tel.: 06221/54 28 33
office hour: Tue 11.00-13.00

Aylin & Eva

(ERASMUS assistants)

Room 313
Tel.: 06221/54 28 33
Fax: 06221/54 28 77
office hour: Thu 11.00-13.00 (on appointment during semester break)

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