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Welcome to the homepage for Incoming Students of the English Department! Here, you'll find useful information and links on various topics, all to do with your stay in Heidelberg. Should you have any other queries that can't be solved here please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail or see us in person.

Approximately six weeks before the start of the semester you'll receive an information packet from the Auslandsamt (International Office). Please read it carefully as it contains all the important information you need prior to your arrival.

Some general information on the English Department


The "goldfish-bowl" downstairs in the department is a central point here. Instructors might leave documents for you there, and you'll always find someone there who's able to help you with minor problems.


Once you've chosen the courses you'd like to attend, you'll find that nearly all courses take place here in the Department building, apart from the lectures, which are usually held in the Neue Uni at the Uniplatz.

In general, as you'll be told in your introduction week, it's best to sign up for courses as soon as you get here, either by online registration (where this is possible) or by seeing the lecturer concerned in person.

Further information / University calendar

All course catalogues

English Studies course catalogue


The library downstairs in the department is rather small compared to the Universitätsbibliothek but nevertheless provides you with a large amount of literature needed for your classes. For more information on the library and opening hours either ask someone in the "goldfish-bowl" or have a look at the library's website.

Transcript of Records

You can get your "Transcript of Records" from Bruce Gaston; just contact him or see him during his office hours.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Drama Group

If you're looking for some extra-curricular activities, you might want to get involved in our Drama Group, whose performances are given in English. If you want to get an overview on what the Drama Group does or want to get in contact with them, please see their website for details.

Students' Representative Committee

The English Department also has a Students' Representative Committee. If you're interested in joining them or just want to inform yourself about their work, see their facebook page.

Departmental Choir

The English department has its own choir. If you want to join, please have a look at their homepage.


There are regular screenings of films in English. Please keep an eye on the notice-boards throughout the department

Tandem Programme

To support a lively exchange between Germans and native speakers of English, we organise a "Tandem Programme" every year. All those interested in getting a Tandem Partner need to provide us with certain information about themselves (such as hobbies, age, etc.) so that we can find them a Tandem Partner. We officially announce this programme for the Germans and also inform you about it by e-mail prior to your arrival, so that you can get in touch with native Germans even before you get here.

Notice Board

Please always keep an eye on the notice board downstairs. Issues concerning ERASMUS are always displayed in the ERASMUS section.


In your Learning Agreement you'll find the section "ECTS credits/grades". The following table is designed to make it easier for you to fill that in: ECTS Incomings (pdf)

Other useful information and resources

The following information does not concern the English department as such but some other institutions you might get in touch with during your stay here in Heidelberg.

Akademisches Auslandsamt AAA (International Office)

General Info for Incoming students provided by the International Office:



For detailed information on living and studying in Heidelberg please download the online version of the brochure "Information for International Erasmus students" (PDF file, German and English).

The International Office offers an Introduction week prior to the start of each semester, which is designed to help foreign students settle in Heidelberg. Participation is on a voluntary basis. If you want to participate, please register at the Auslandsamt:

Seminarstr. 2, 69117 HD

Contact Person: Alex Braye

+49 (0) 6221 542489
+49 (0) 6221 542332
office hours: Mon-Fr 10-12, Tuesday 14-16, room 133


The University does not guarantee accommodation. However, the Zimmervermittlung (accommodation office) in the Auslandsamt is always willing to help foreign students find a room or flat. Prior to their arrival, Erasmus students are sent an e-mail from the Zimmervermittlung, asking them to get in touch in order to find suitable accommodation. Should you, for any reason, not receive this e-mail, please contact the Zimmervermittlung yourself:

Seminarstr. 2, Room 32

+49 (0) 6221 542497
+49 (0) 6221 542332

Zimmerbörse (German)

Zimmerbörse (English)

University Library

General information on how to use the library and how to get a library card can be found on the library's website.

Address: Plöck 107-109

+49 (0) 6221 542380


Opening Hours


The AEGEE organises events and trips throughout Germany to give foreign students a chance to get to know Germany and its culture. There, you'll get in contact with other ERASMUS students studying in Heidelberg. For futher information on AEGEE and their programme please see their website.

Central Language Lab (Zentrales Sprachlabor)

If you are interested in learning a foreign language apart from German you can go to the Zentrales Sprachlabor to attend classes or work by yourself with audio material.

Address: Plöck 79-81

Seminar für Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Depending on the level of your German skills, you can either study German at the Germanistisches Seminar or at the Seminar für Deutsch als Fremdsprache, the latter concentrating especially on problems foreign speakers of German have. If you are interested in the courses offered by the SDF, please have a look at their homepage.

Should you have any specific questions on the programme of the SDF, please contact the ERASMUS co-ordinator of the Seminar:

SDF - Dr. Rolf Koeppel

Address: Plöck 55

+49 (0) 6221 547545
Fax: +49 (0) 6221 547597

Internat. Studienzentrum - Kolleg für deutsche Sprache und Kultur

The Internationale Studienzentrum offers a pre-sessional German course for Erasmus students. For four weeks, students have classes every day from Mo-Fr from 9-12:30. According to the level of your German skills you're put in classes from Level A1 to C1. The price of the course is 230,- incl. breakfast in the break (10.30-11:00). If you want to participate, please contact Benjamin Held at the Auslandsamt. For further information on this as well as on term-time courses please see the homepage of the Max-Weber-Haus.

Address: Ziegelhäuser Landstr. 17, 69120 HD

(+49) 6221 545949
(+49) 6221 545956

Uni Sports

The university offers a range of sport courses for students. You can just go to the courses in Neuenheimer Feld at the respective times; for others, you have to enrol at the beginning of the semester, see "Online Anmeldung" on this web page.

Anglistisches Seminar
Fristen im Winter 2022/23
Beginn der Vorlesungszeit
Dienstag, 18. April 2023

Ende der Vorlesungszeit:
Samstag, 29. Juli 2023


Anmeldezeitraum für alle Seminare (außer HS/PS III LW)

Wechselmöglichkeit für Seminare (s.o.)

Anmeldezeitraum für Neuimmatrikulierte Studierende und Sprachpraxis

Tausch für Pronunciation Practice und Tutorien

Bitte konsultieren Sie für Details das Vorlesungsverzeichnis unter "General Information"/"Key Dates and Deadlines".

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