Anglistisches Seminar
Second Heidelberg Graduate Student Conference in English Studies
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June 7 – 8, 2019

English Department, Heidelberg University

Concept and Organisation: MA Students of the English Studies Programme


Friday June 7, 2019
14:00 – 14:45
Room 108
Prof. Dr. Günter Leypoldt (Heidelberg University)

Keynote: Consumer Society and the End of the World in M. T. Anderson's "Feed"
Annika Gonnermann (Mannheim University)
15:00 – 18:00
(Coffee Break ca. 16:15)
Room 108
Food and Identity in Literature
Chair: Alkım Kutlu
Ecocriticism: Theory, Literature, Science and Environmentalism? Writing the Environmental Crisis
Chair: Philipp Leonhardt

Room 110
Narrative Space and Its Inhabitants Across Literature and Other Media
Chairs: Cristina-Ruxandra Burghelea, Silvia Schilling, Sherin Nikita D'Souza
Saturday June 8, 2019
9:00 – 9:45
Room 108
Keynote: 'Casting My Thought into a Form': Margaret Fuller on Writing Through Self-Doubt.
Caitlin Smith (University of Notre Dame)
10:00 – 11:30
Room 108
Ethics of Difference, Responsibility, and Literature
Chair: S.Can Emekli

Room 110
Contemporary Language Change in Modern Englishes
Chairs: Robin Sadlier, Dana Serditova
(Coffee Break ca. 11:30)
11:45 – 13:30
Room 108
The Genre Turn
Chair: Valentina López Liendo

Room 110
Language Construction in the Mind: Formulaic Sequences and Conceptual Metaphors
Chairs: Zibu Lin, Jie Wang
14:15 – 16:00
Room 108
Representations of Gender and Values in Literature and Cinema
Chairs: Laura Herges, Rubiga Murugesapillai, Ruth Quante

Room 110
Turning Linguistic Theory into Fun Classroom Activities
Robin Sadlier
(Coffee Break ca. 16:00)
16:15 – 18:00
Room 108
Crossing Traditional Borders of Gender and Sexual Conduct
Chairs: Sarah Jaber, Ana Turtoi

Room 108
Final Discussion


For any questions and inquiries please contact Sebastian Straßburg.


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Anglistisches Seminar
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