Application and admissions

Applicants who submit a complete application to study English by the university deadline are automatically sent an invitation (print or e-mail) to register for the entrance examination. Please note that invitations can only be sent a few days before the exam date.

This hour-long, written proficiency exam is required for admission; it cannot be waived. Other certificates of proficiency in English, such as TOEFL results or grades on entrance examinations for other universities, may not be submitted in lieu of the exam.

Exam results are calculated according to strict rules and posted as quickly as possible.

A few days after taking the test, applicants who achieved passing grades are notified via e-mail. A list of successful applicants, identified by ID number only, is also posted on this web page (see Aktuelles). Applicants should thus take care to note their applicant ID number. The university sends out official admission documents a few weeks later.

If your application is unsuccessful, you will not receive an e-mail after the exam, as legal restrictions forbid it; you must wait for the official rejection letter from the university, which is usually sent a few weeks after the test date.

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