Freshers' Day

New Student Orientation organized by the faculty, staff and student council of the Department of English Studies

This day-long orientation program is designed to help new students get their academic career in English Studies off to a good start. In small group sessions led by advanced students, new students have the opportunity to gain expert advice on every aspect of life in the department, from putting together a manageable schedule to finding their way around the building. Faculty and staff cover the programs of study, advising system, study abroad opportunities and services available in the department, and the student council and representatives of different clubs introduce themselves as well. The day concludes with a pizza party where students, staff and faculty can mingle and get to know each other. All new students are strongly urged to attend this event.

Freshers’ Day traditionally takes place on the Wednesday before classes begin. The schedule is posted on Aktuelles soon after the results of the entrance examination are made public.

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