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Are you considering studying English at the University of Heidelberg? If you are just starting out, you can choose to pursue a teaching degree or a Bachelor of Arts. Details about each program are listed on the departmental home page under courses of study and described in the student handbook (teaching degree or B.A.).

In both cases, you need to submit an application for admission to the university and take our entrance examination. You must obtain a passing grade on this exam to be admitted to the program.

If you have already begun studying English elsewhere and you would like to continue your studies and/or complete your degree at the University of Heidelberg, you need to apply as a transfer student.

If you have already completed a degree in English but wish to pursue further study, our Master of Arts in English Studies program may interest you.

Admitted students are urged to attend our new student orientation, Freshers' Day, which takes place in the week before classes begin.

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